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    • Aug 29 News of dimogroup.net
      LABOR DAY IN USA 2018
      Dear Customers, Due to Federal Holiday in the USA on Monday September the 3, all withdrawal requests in USD and deposit VIA bank wire transfers will be processed next bus...
    • May 31 News of Dimogroup LTD
      Chance to win 50 000 USD for all new investments in June!
      Dear Customers, By your aditional requests we have exstend your chance to win extra 50 000 USD also in June. Payment will be made on your dimogroup.net account in the beg...
    • Apr 30 News of Dimogroup LTD
      Chance to win 50 000 USD for all new investments in May !
      Dear Customers, Thank's for been with us for all this 11 YEARS ! With out Your support we have never become number one private investment company. In order to show our lo...
    • Apr 05 News of Dimogroup LTD
      Good Friday and Easter Monday in UK 2018
      Dear customers, Due to Banking Holiday in the UK on Friday (March 30) and Monday ( April 2), all withdrawal requests and transfers will processed next day Tuesday ( April...
    • Mar 16 News of Dimogroup LTD
      We have Russian support now
      Dear Valid cusmores, Starting from today we will be able to provide support by email, phone and live chat in Russian language. Thank you for doing business with us an...

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